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TOPIC: 2008-03-07

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Date: Thurs, Mar 6 2008 9:03 pm
From: "L. Toldy"

Art Appreciation - v1.4 - 16 KB
Art Appreciation is a Windows (tm) application which will periodically change your wallpaper to a new bitmap. If you're like me, you've acquired a large collection of picture files but get tired of changing your wallpaper every day. Art Appreciation allows you to create picture lists called "Galleries" and will automatically cycle through the pictures by making each one the new wallpaper file. You can determine how long each picture remains the wallpaper file and you can cycle continuously or just run through the gallery once.
To create a new gallery, enter a new name in the Gallery edit box, press the "Add File" button and select a file to add to the gallery. Continue to add files to the gallery until you've finished, then use the Options button to activate the new gallery and set the time delay. Press OK to change the wallpaper to the first file in the gallery, then minimize Art Appreciation and continue with your normal work.
Art Appreciation will store all your gallery and file settings, so you can just add it to your Startup group to automatically run it every time you start Windows..
Háttérkép menedzser
Don A. Neeper

Art Of Illusion v2.5.1 - 6540 KB
Art of Illusion is a free, open source 3D modelling and rendering studio. It is written entirely in Java, and should be usable on any Java Virtual Machine which is compatible with J2SE 1.4 or later.
3D modellezõ és grafikai renderelõ program Java környezethez
Peter Eastman

Art Organizer v2.2.0 - 6572 KB
Art Organizer is a easy to use tracking system for all your components.
Free gift to the art community. This will help you keep track of your components, tools and equipment. It's completely free with no license or keys required, and no time limit.
Képkomponensek részére adatbázis
Oasys Design & Development

Y.A.M.C.: Yet Another Mail Ckient v0.9.8.8 - 4261 KB
Mail client
- Easy-to-use user interface
- Multithreaded architecture
- Data is stored in simple Dataformats to enable easy exchange between other applications
- Very small, file size about 1.3 MB (Note: Size w/o file)
- Designed to run off an USB Stick
- Translated into different languages - if yours is not available, translate Y.A.M.C! easily yourself!
- Web-based Update and Version check - keeps you up-to-date with Y.A.M.C.! development
Note: download page is Hungarian
E-mailkliens, mely a fejlesztõi szerint semmilyen fontos funkciónak nincs híjján. Támogatja a POP3/SMTP szervereket, a mappás e-mailelhelyezést, rendelkezik címlistával és teendõ-tervezõvel stb.
Thomas Zangl
v0.9.7.280 - 1778 KB:

Yabasic v2.763 - 268 KB
Yabasic implements the most common and simple elements of the basic language; It comes with goto/gosub, with various loops, with user defined subroutines and Libraries. Yabasic does monochrome line graphics and printing. Yabasic runs under Unix and Windows; it is small (around 200KB) and free.
Yabasic runs under any version of Windows
Basic programozási nyelv monokróm vonalas grafikai és nyomtatási lehetõségekkel
Marc-Oliver Ihm

YabEdit 2005 - 1811 KB
A Yabasic Editor for Windows
This software (YabEdit) is distributed as Freeware. It may be freely used, copied and distributed.
Runs on Windows 95\98\ME\NT4\2000\XP
YaBasic programozásra kihegyezett szövegszerkesztõ
RovoScape Software

Yabuti Guitar Trainer v2.0 - 8575 KB
This is a musicprogram to learn guitar easy
103 Chords as exercise to learn guitar
guitar tuner & a chord quiz are in the program
credits: to Ernst Jochmus for the idea chord quiz
Gitártanulást segítõ program
v1.0 - 4004 KB:

YAC v0.16 - 364 KB
YAC: Yet Another Caller ID Program.
YAC is a Caller ID system that uses the modem in your Windows-based computer to monitor incoming phone calls. When a phone call is received, YAC displays the Caller ID info on the computer screen.
YAC can also notify programs called "YAC Listeners" on the network. These listeners receive and display Caller ID information at the same time as the computer attached to the phone line. YAC can be used to send text messages to the listeners on your network as well.
Microsoft Windows 2000 or later and a Caller ID-compatible modem. You will also need to subscribe to Caller ID with your local phone company. If you want to broadcast to YAC listeners on the network, you will need to be connected to a network.
Telefonos hivószám azonosító rendszer
Jensen Harris
for 64 bit Windows - 358 KB:

Yacker v1.0 - 1285 KB
Yacker is a freeware program that utilizes the new, amazing Microsoft Text-To-Speech SDK. This program can be used to directly open text files and speak their contents, or you can start up Yacker and let it sit in the background. When you copy any text to the Windows clipboard, Yacker automatically detects this and will paste the contents of clipboard into it's main text window, and will start to speak the text for you.
Installing Yacker is almost painless. The Setup program copies the Microsoft Text-To-Speech install program into the folder where Yacker is installed. You need to run SPCHAPI.EXE just once to install the Microsoft speech engine. This is detailed in the ReadMe.txt file that is contained inside
The Microsoft Speech SDK is freely available from Microsoft to any developers interested in developing their own speech-based applications. I wrote Yacker to try out this new technology. Feel free to use it in any way you see fit.
Szöveges állományok felolvasása a Microsoft Text-To-Speech SDK segítségével
Todd O. Whitmore

Yada v1.1 - 1007 KB
YADA is a very fast download manager. It will accelerate your downloads from the Internet and resume broken connections. YADA includes an easy-to-use interface and its installation does not interfere with the normal behavior of your browser. Features of YADA
- Accelerate downloads for different types of Internet connections - dial-up, cable, DSL / ADSL, satellite, T1, etc.
- Supports simultaneous connections. Up to 8 connections for the same file. This method will speed up your downloads significantly. Stop and resume broken downloads. Recover from a dropped Internet connection.
- Does not interfere with the default behavior of web browser.
- Supports batch downloads from the Internet. Perform batch downloads by queuing multiple files and leaving your system totally unattended.
- Drag & drop features. Drag a link into YADA to download. Drag a file from YADA into a folder to save.
- Well designed interface. Compact, Stable and Easy to use.
- Totally free. Never expires. No spyware.
Minimum requirements: Windows 98/ME/XP/2000/NT
Internetes letöltõ program
Ran Geva


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TOPIC: 2008-03-08

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Date: Fri, Mar 7 2008 7:19 pm
From: "L. Toldy"

Yadis! Backup v1.9.3 - 626 KB
Yadis! is an easy-to-use backup-tool which will protect your personal data within minutes. It's intuitive design will guide you through a few steps, and before you know it, your personal data is brought in safety.
When you use a backup-tool, it's often a hard job to learn to know all of the features. And when you've finally managed to understand every possibility of that tool, you realize it's not just that what you wanted.
That's why we've created Yadis! Backup. Take a look around and discover all of it's advantages...
- It's FREE
- It's small
- It's easy to use
- You can fully decide what to backup
- It copies one on one your files to allmost any destination you want
- You don't need Yadis! Backup to access the backed-up files
- The marked folders are backed-up real-time (no scheduling needed!). You make a change? Yadis! Backup makes a backup
- When your backup destination isn't available, Yadis! remembers the changes you have made. Whenever the location becomes available Yadis! starts backing up the changes.
System Requirements:
- Windows 98, ME, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista
- Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
Egyszerûen, valósidejû módban is használható archíváló (backup) program

YahELite v326 - 696 KB
YahELite is a full featured Yahoo chat client that loads quickly, runs fast and is considerate of your computers resources.
Because YahELite uses the minimal amount of DLLs, you get much less lag and smoother scrolling. YahELite uses very little RAM to run, and minimal system resources, typically less than 2 MB of RAM.
Other chat clients based on Visual Basic, Java or HTML need more than 12 MegaBytes just to start.
YahELite makes no changes to your registry and installs no DLLs.
YahELite does not provide graphical avatars.
I have decided not to support them, not only because of the extra resources required to display and process them, but also because of the added complexity with text searching and processing.
YahELite never stores, looks for or reveals personal information, nor does it make unwanted connections.
Passwords can be stored locally on your computer (mildy scrambled), or you can choose to never store passwords.
A built in WebCam server *can* reveal your IP address if you request (and confirm) that you want to do that. Otherwise you can operate the webcam server privately and share your IP with friends via PM.
YahELite keeps its configuration info in plain text files
All operations that might invoke other programs (except for playing sound (.wav, .mid, .rmi) files) are always preceded with a verification question so you know exactly what is occurring.
- An internet connection and a Yahoo Chat Account.
- YahELite does not require a browser, special DLLs, Java, plugins, ActiveX, WinInet, Visual Basic, or MFC runtime modules, and runs on W95/W98/W2K/ME/NT and XP without requiring any special updates.
- When you have it you can start chatting instantly, (No waiting for a Java applet to load etc.)
Note: The optional voice chat module uses ActiveX components that must already exist on your system ( YahELite does not install any ActiveX files). If you have ever used Yahoo voice chat, or messenger then all required files will already have been installed.
Yahoo chat kliens
Deep Space

Yahoo Video Search v1.4.1.0 - 55 KB
Yahoo Video Search offers easy access to Yahoo-Video.
Use the contextmenu to view thumbnails, open, download videos.
Yahoo Video Search is using Yahoo's Video service. If Yahoo changes something in their service, this utility can become useless.
- Search results up to 100
- Download videos in one step
- Detailed information about filename, length etc.
System requirements: Internet Explorer
Keresés a Yahoo video gyüjteményében és letöltés onnan
Fatih Kodak

Yahoo! Mail Checker v1.0 - 244 KB
Brings Yahoo! Mail to your desktop. Automatically logs in and checks new e-mails. Like Yahoo! messenger, only this one is much better. You can choose an interval in minutes for checking new mails. And has options like, start with windows and run in system tray.
Yahoo! postafiókba érkezõ levelek beállított idõközönkénti ellenõrzése, megjelenítése!MailChecker-screen.jpg
Maarten van Oosterhout!

Yahoo! Messenger v8.1 - 427 KB
Instantly communicate with all of your online friends...
With Yahoo! Messenger 5.0 you can quickly exchange messages with all your online friends. Unlike email, instant messages appear as soon as they're sent.
cool features in Yahoo! Messenger 5.0:
- Webcams
- Talk for free
- Yahoo! Chat client
- Alerts for your stocks and Yahoo! Mail
- And so much more...
Üzenõ és csvegõprogram telefonálási, videofonálási lehetõségekkel
Szöveges és videóbeszélgetés jellemzi a programot, valamint smile, konferencia, skin, keresõ, adatok küldése, játékok és rádió extrákat találunk a lehetõségek közt.
Yahoo! Inc.
v9 beta - 438 KB:

Yahoo! SiteBuilder v2.1.2 - 13159/22061 KB
Build a professional web site or store with our easy-to-use tools - no prior experience necessary!
Yahoo! SiteBuilder Features
- Unique: Includes 380+ customizable templates for business and hobby uses. Easily change any template to create the site you want.
- Easy: Drag-and-drop tools make it easy to add new pages, change layouts, switch colors, edit text, and more - on the fly.
- Professional: Add flair to your site with tables, royalty-free graphics, and prebuilt forms.
- Fast: Set up an entire site in minutes with the Site Creation Wizard.
- E-commerce Ready: Integrate PayPal buttons or Yahoo! Merchant Solutions to sell products or accept donations online.
- Convenient: Full-featured software runs offline, on your PC.
SiteBuilder gives you everything you need to build a unique web site for business or personal use.
Ingyenes Java-alapú webszerkesztõ, melynek használata egy szövegszerkesztõhöz hasonlítható. A program számtalan funkcióval rendelkezik: beépített súgó mellett például számtalan elõre elkészített minta (template) közül válogathatunk. További lehetõségek: site feltöltés, 3000 ingyenes extra minta tölthetõ le online.
Yahoo! Inc.

yahoo2mbox v0.24 - 11 KB
yahoo2mbox is a small Perl script which retrieves all messages from a mailing list archive at Yahoo! Groups (there is a missing copyright sign somewhere here probably) and stores them into a local file in MBOX which is recognized by all Unix mail readers and good many of other ones.
If you don't know what Yahoo! Groups are, you probably don't need this program. But if you want to search through the existing archive using your favourite MUA instead of Yahoo interface as I did you might like it.
The latest version is 0.23 and must be used since June 2006 as the earlier versions don't work any longer due to changes to Yahoo Groups pages.
Other interesting features include support for localized and age-restricted Yahoo groups. Unfortunately, automatic address unmangling doesn't work any more (as of December 2003 and probably before) because of a change in Yahoo address presentation algorithm.
Yahoogroup levelezõ lista archívumok komplett letöltése
Vadim Zeitlin

Yahoomail Folder v1.3.0.0 - 49 KB
Yahoomail Folder is an utility that will let you use Yahoomail like a folder on your computer.
That's useful because Yahoomail offers 1GB space for each account.
Use the context menu to upload, download, delete..etc. your files.
You have to activate POP3 in your Yahoomail Account, otherwise this tool can not work, because it's using the POP3/SMTP protocol.
Yahoomail Folder is using Yahoo's email service. If Yahoo changes something in their service, this utility can become useless.
Yahoomail használata úgy, mintha egy mappa lenne a lemezegységen
Fatih Kodak

Yahta v3.0 - 12 KB
System: Win95 Win98 WinME WinNT Win2k WinXP
Yahta: POP3 - HTTP Gate (for yahoo mail) guys don't provide POP3 access any more, for their "free" e-mail. Yahta is a program which behaves like a POP3 server, but acts like a web browser at's side. It sits in the system tray as small yacht and talks to your mail client, whatever it is (Outlook, NetScape Messenger, The Bat...)
Setup: In your mail client (Outlook, Netscape Messenger, The Bat, etc.) replace "" with "".
POP3 és HTTP híd Yahoo Mail eléréséhez
Ivan Shaporov

YPOPs v0.9.5.1 - 1515 KB
YPOPs! is an application that provides POP3 and SMTP access to Yahoo! Mail.
How do we do it you ask? Well, this application is more like a gateway. It provides a POP3 server interface at o­ne end to talk to email clients and an HTTP client (browser) interface at the other which allows it to talk to Yahoo! The same concept holds good for SMTP as well.
Please read the Configuring Mail Clients, FAQ, and the Sticky FAQ before posting in the forum, as the most common issues are addressed there.
Yahoo postafiók elérése POP3 szerverként
Anuj Seth & K Shyam


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TOPIC: 2008-03-09

== 1 of 1 ==
Date: Sat, Mar 8 2008 10:49 pm
From: "L. Toldy"

Yak! v1.14 - 910 KB
Yak! is a text-based, chat application for use on Microsoft Windows 32-bit local area networks. It has a simple and easy to use interface, does not require a dedicated server and makes communicating across a LAN a dream. Use Yak! at home to chat with family and friends, or in the work place to improve productivity.
Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000 & XP Compatible
Szöveges cset program helyi hálózatokhoz
DigiCraft Software

Yamaha SoundVQ Encoder v2.60. b9e - 1874 KB
To compress audio data by using "TwinVQ" technology which enable compression without damaging the quality of the sound and with a high compression rate of 1/20 of the original. for Windows Win2003, WinXP, Win2000, NT, WinME
Zeneállományok tömörítése TwinVQ technológiával
Yamaha Corp.

Yamaha SoundVQ Player v2.5.2 b1 - 1457 KB
for Windows 95/98/NT4.0
Yamaha SoundVQ is software which plays back music data files that have been compressed using the TwinVQ music compression technology developed by NTT Corporation. "SoundVQ Player" uses TwinVQ technology to enable playback of compressed audio and music data at a quality higher than ever before, providing a significant boost to the use of audio and music data on the Internet.
TwinVQ módszerrel tömörített zenék lejátszása
Yamaha Corp.

YamiPod v1.7 - 4599 KB
YamiPod is a freeware application to efficiently manage your iPod under Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. It can be run directly from your iPod and needs no installation.
Here's a brief description of the features in YamiPod:
- stand alone program, no installation required
- iPod is automatically recognized
- mp3 and AAC files can be copied to/from iPod
- read/write access to mp3 id3 and AAC infos lyrics support (with internet auto search and unicode support)
- playlist support (On-The-Go included) (playlists import/export (PLS,M3U))
- full unicode support
- auto-download new versions
- advanced song import/export settings
- 2 restore features
- built in music player
- iPod informations
- 2 search features
- remove duplicated tracks
- find lost music files
- easy ratings edit
- PC to iPod synchronization create and edit notes (with unicode support)
- automatically update song playcounts
- News RSS and podcasts to iPod upload
- Growl support (Apple only)
- export song lists to HTML or plain text files
- multiple iPods support
- Audioscrobbler support
iPod menedzser
The XOOPS Project

YAMM - Yet another MP3 manager v1.1 - 1184 KB
YAMM - Yet another MP3 manager is a powerful program to manage your MP3 collection.
- Full support of MP3 files, also VBR.
- Full support of ID3 v1.1 specifications.
- Full support of Winamp player.
- Fast support for very very large databases.
- Mass tag renaming.
- Powerful filters and sort routines.
- Create and export your playlists.
- Recoursive scan to find all your MP3.
- CD autodetection.
Zenemenedzser és lejátszó program
Jan Ypma

YAMM: Yet Another Mail Client v0.9.1 - 544 KB
YAMM is my E-Mail client written in Java.
- POP3 support
- Smtp support
- html support
- file attachment support
- Internationalization
- Multiple mail accounts
Java email kliens
Fredrik "Fredde" Ehnbom

Yammy v0.9 RC3 - 325 KB
Yammy is an app that allows you to decode and view not only yours but other's archived conversations.
You don't even need a password!
- Decode and view archived conversations and mobile messages.
- Export to HTML, Rich Text (rtf) and Plain Text(txt) formats.
- Control archiving for all users on your PC.
- Batch decode entire directories
- Use Yammy in your language.
Yammy is currently available in: English, Basque, Catalan, Dutch, French, Norwegian, Romanian, Spanish, Swedish, Tamil and Turkish.
Üzenetek dekódolása
B. Pravin

Yamp v33 - 2122 KB
- WAVs (all formats, also compressed ones), MIDs, RMIs, MODs, S3Ms, XMs, ITs, AVIs, MPAs, MP1s, MP2s and MP3s
- CD with CDDB support
- ZIP and RAR archive support
- powerful play lists
- command line and Drag'n'Drop support for single songs, a number of songs, play lists and folders (including sub folders)
- loadable and editable designs, click here for some design examples - Yamp was the world´s very first music player with this feature
Zenelejátszó program
André Karwath

YAMS v4.1 - 485 KB
YAMS (Yet Another Mail Sender) is a freeware SMTP mailer. It sends the same e-mail in many recipients.
This means that YAMS sends to every recipient as mailing him separately. The message body can contain a field, like $name$. When the message is sent, the field $name$ is replaced with the name of the recipient as specified in the list of recipients.
It is of course not meant to send unsolicited e-mails to random people. It's great for making that canned personal update letter to family and friends sound like it was written for each individual recipient. It's also great for program updates, invitations and so on.
YAMS requires a Internet Service Provider account. YAMS does not support AOL, MSN, Juno, or Web-based mail accounts (such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail).
- as many accounts as you wish
- mail to selected recipients
- authentication
- extended log file
- signature file
- import e-mail addresses from Netscape LDIF files
- import addresses from any CSV file
- template mail with $name$ and $nickname$ as name field
- load, save and edit messages
- load, save and edit receivers lists
- message preview window
- support for foreign languages
- convert YAMS address lists to csv file
- remove duplicate addresses
- sending HTML files
- remove blacklisted addresses
YAMS in ten languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Catalan and Dutch
SMTP (levélküldõ szerver)
Sam J. Francke

Yankee Clipper III v1.0.4.3 - 1088 KB
A super powerful Windows clipboard extender/memory- now in its third generation. Handles Pictures, Richtext, URLS, etc - any size. Features printing, drag and drop, optional permanent storage of clippings. Familiar "Outlook" interface. Freeware.
Major features:
- Saves past 200 text and RTF, 20 BMP and Metafile, and 200 URL clipboard entries.
- Has the ability to save and re-use "boilerplate" clippings. Simply right-click on the item and select "Send to boilerplate". Unlimited boilerplate collections can be created.
- URL aware- links copied to clipboard can be instantly launched
- Has a "Load and Shoot" function to paste text anywhere
- Can float on top of other applications for fast pasting
- No size limits for "clippings"
- Prints any text clipboard entry, nicely word-wrapped
- This is a simple program to understand and use
- Has a global hotkey to make the application visible when hidden, and another to instantly show and select past "clippings" without showing the application.
- Clippings can be dragged & dropped to/from YCIII.
- Can strip unwanted "quote" characters ("<", "|") from "clippings".
- Support for Internationalization. Install include Italian, French, and German are in the install. More to come ... Just rename Internation.ini.[Language] to International.ini (Looking for people to translate to other languages, please)
- Supports ordering of boilerplate items
- By popular request (They dragged me kicking and screaming...): the ability to "chirp" when a new clipping is detected. Just rename "clip.wav.Bak" to "clip.wav" or copy in the file of your choice and name it "clip.wav".
- You can now instruct YCIII to ignore pictures (METAFILES) from problematic apps such as MS Excel which copies metafiles of nearly infinite width to the clipboard when you select an entire row. This metafile isn't of much use at a later time anyway.
- Free- totally, no strings attached Free
Vágólap kiterjesztés
Joe LeVasseur and Konrad Krupa


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