Wednesday, August 20, 2008

:: u n z e e n :: Styrofoam Dome Homes In Japan


Styrofoam Dome Homes In Japan
In our going green world you may not expect any news about Styrofoam to be positive. Unless it's news that all coffee cups will be converted over to recycled paper. But Japan Dome House Co., Ltd does indeed have some different news. They've created modular home kits using expanded polystyrene foam. These igloo shaped homes are highly energy efficient and resistant to earthquakes and typhoons.

The prefabricated pieces only weigh 175lbs, so a handful of people can carry the home around and put it together in quick fashion. The basic dome home is 25 ft wide and 13 ft tall with 475 sq ft of floor space. That's not a whole lot of room, but you can easily expand the size of your structure. The Aso Farm Land in Kyushu has around 480 of these domes that serve as lodging, shops and recreational facilities.

It may seem dubious that such lightweight domes could withstand normal wear and tear, let alone the violent elements. But Japan�s Land and Transport Ministry has deemed them safe. And if you get bored with your makeshift Hobbit hole you could always use it to hold your coffee. I'm not sure how you'll get the coffee stains out of your Tivo though.

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